Bushkill – Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, announced the promotion of Dennis Farrelly, Realtor to the position of General Manager, of The Carl Maurer Team.  Said Wilkins, “Dennis has been an important part of The Carl Maurer Team for a number of years and in Carl’s absence, has assumed the responsibilities that Maurer had in the day-to-day operations of The Carl Maurer Team.”

The Carl Maurer Team, which was founded by Carl Maurer in 2003, was specifically designed and tailored to handle REO accounts for a number of lenders.  Said Wilkins, “I’ve handled the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and VA accounts since the very beginning, even before The Carl Maurer Team.  That means that we’ve worked for these asset managers for close to 15 years.”   The Carl Maurer Team was formed by Maurer and Wilkins when the previous agent who handed these accounts was unable to continue doing so.  Maurer, who did foreclosure work in New Jersey prior to joining the Wilkins organization, readily accepted the assignment.  With the first downturn in the market during the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) failure, through the most recent downturn in real estate which occurred approximately 7 years ago, the Team has been a leader in this field.

Under the direction of Carl Maurer, The Carl Maurer Team has won national awards, State awards as well as having received numerous company awards during their tenure.  Said Wilkins, “For the past 2 years Carl and his team have been acknowledged as Emerald Award recipients for the number of transactions done in any particular year.  It is extremely difficult to receive such an honor when competing with Brokers of all sizes and nation-wide.  The Carl Maurer Team has done it for the past 2 consecutive years.”

Wilkins further stated, “You have to appreciate that Carl and I have been partners with a simple handshake.  Those type partnerships you don’t find every day.  He’s quite a man.”

Dennis Farrelly, who has been a member of The Carl Maurer Team for close to 7 years, is responsible for securing the foreclosure properties, supervising the clean outs and getting the units prepared for sale, and solely handles the “Cash for Keys” which is relocation assistance to the occupant once the property has been foreclosed on or in some instances as deed in lieu.

“Dennis has excelled in that part of the business for years.  Unfortunately, they do not give an award solely for that part of the sale.” chuckled Wilkins.

As General Manager, Farrelly will still continue to secure the properties and ready them for sale, but in addition to that, will be responsible for the day to day communication with the lenders regarding that specific asset.  A number of foreclosures today are handled on the Equator platform.  Equator is a software program that handles a particular asset from the time that it’s secured through the transition and ultimately until the closing of that property.  On a daily basis, Farrelly will review what is due for a specific asset depending upon where it is in the sale process.  Farrelly will handle such tasks as making sure the property is cleaned out, it’s been submitted to the MLS systems, making sure the buyer completes the proper paperwork per the terms of the agreement and what are the tasks due on a specific day and time.

Farrelly also will be responsible for the additional personnel on The Carl Maurer Team, which includes Donna Sorrentino as Administrative Assistant, Caryn Centini the Buyers’ representative and of course, Tom Wilkins who is ultimately the Broker responsible to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Farrelly will continue to answer to Carl Maurer, Associate Broker and President of the Team.

Farrelly, before joining Wilkins & Associates, was the sole proprietor of Sneakers Unlimited.  For 18 years he had a store that sold sneakers in (what is now) the outlet mall trading under the name Foxmoor Village and also at Eagles Glen Shopping Plaza.  Farrelly’s wife, Kathleen, also worked for Wilkins when he owned NEPA Appraisal Services.  Kathleen Farrelly was a licensed Realtor and Certified Appraiser for NEPA and Wilkins form 1991 until 1997.  Kathleen Farrelly along with Kathy Spitzfaden, her partner, bought NEPA Appraisal Services and today it still produces residential appraisals for numerous banks making loans for the buyers and Realtors.  Ms. Farrelly plans to become a part of The Carl Maurer Team and assist Dennis in his responsibilities.  In essence, they will be a team within The Carl Maurer Team.

“Farrelly is one of the best REO guys in the business.” said Wilkins.   “He knows what to do, when to do it and makes sure it’s all done satisfactorily.”

The Carl Maurer Team is located at the Bushkill office of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates.  The office is open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  If you are looking for a foreclosure, please call Bushkill at (570) 588-3440; ask to be put on Real Time Data which will give you foreclosures as they come on the market.  By tailoring it to a price bracket, school district or neighborhood, will allow you to get a first-hand view of those properties available for sale.

The Carl Maurer Team operates in Monroe, Pike, Wayne and Northampton counties.

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