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NEPA Management Associates, Inc.

We Provide complete and accurate accounting specifically designed for Property Management

Our Accounting Department can provide collections, owner and tenant ledgers, accounts receivable, accounts payable, budgets and over 22 other reports necessary to run your property owners association in a sound and accurate manner. All of your records are maintained by our on-site computer system.  All of our accounting is regularly reviewed by an outside independent CPA firm.  All of this makes our product better and your rewards bigger.


Residential Management

We pride ourself on providing property management services for individual homes, apartment buildings, income producing properties and other residentially occupied dwellings.  Our services can be as complete as collecting the rent, handling all of the maintenance and repairs on the unit, providing monthly accounting of those services and if you want…even paying your mortgage.

All of our services are affordable and well priced with you, our customer, in mind.

You say that you may not want all of those services, but simply want us to prepare your lease, and/or evict a tenant… not a problem.  Our services can be as limited as you want them to be.

NEPA Management Associates, Inc. uses industry specific software such as nationally recognized TOPS Software and RentManager for both community association management and residential property management.


Commercial Properties

Commercial properties area one of our up-and-coming forte’s.  Whether it’s a shopping center or motel that you need for us to run (as a business) we’re right there for you.  Our collection of leasing capabilities are second to none.  And our geographic area on the commercial side ranges all the way from the Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton area, the Pocono Mountains, Monroe and Pike Counties, and the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton areas.

Community Management

Community management our forte’.  Whether it’s a small town-home community, condo complex or 1,000+ property owners association; we handle them all.  Recommendations are something that we can provide you at any time and are pleased to do so.  Our role in the community management breaks down into three specific areas.

Administrative Management Services

  • Create, maintain and administer individual owner files–a big plus to the community
  • Receive, forward, catalog, and deliver monthly correspondence to the Board of Directors–electronically of course!
  • Log in owner complaints and return calls promptly–a very big part of our business.
  • Maintain the Association’s Minute books–at our office.
  • 24-hour voice mail to handle any kind of emergency–call us, you’ll see.
  • Attend Board of Director Meetings–general and annual meetings–we like to be involved!
Administrative Management Services
Fiscal Management Services

Fiscal Management Services

  • Collect, receipt and deposit dues, late fees, assessments and other income–nobody collects better than we do!
  • Track individual owner ledgers–by date and transaction; we even record the check number.
  • Assist collecting delinquent accounts–a must for any association.
  • Pay association bills on a weekly basis and report those payments to the Board of Directors–lots of options here…all custom designed for your community.
  • Prepare monthly income/expense statements for the Board of Directors–every month without fail.
  • Easy to read financial reporting–even custom reporting available upon request.
  • Send out statements to owners including delinquencies
  • Assist Board of Directors preparing the annual budget–we pride ourselves on this, including “what if” scenarios!

Operations Management Services

  • Maintain all your common areas including snow removal, lawn care, community property and landscaping–custom planned to fit your community and your budget.
  • Competitively bid contracts and maintenance services–we have a pool of vendors to draw on because of our buying power.
  • Enforce the Association’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Competitively bid insurance coverage.
Snow Removal

NEPA Management Associates, Inc.

Serving the Poconos and Northeast Pennsylvania