Analomink, PA – Thomas R. Wilkins, Owner of Pocono GunKeepers (PGK), announced a celebration of fourteen months in business. Pocono GunKeepers stores all types of firearms, and firearm accessories including ammo, long guns, hand guns, and gun collections in a secure, clean, heated, and climate controlled facility located at 2308 Paradise Trail, Analomink, PA.

Said Wilkins – “The idea of storing firearms began in New Jersey and I was extremely excited about the idea. I decided to create my own market in the Poconos. That was probably eighteen months ago.” The facility opened in November of 2018.

Pocono GunKeepers allows gun owners, collectors, and of estates having firearms to store their firearms, gun collections, semi-automatic rifles (that’s why they come to me), high end hand guns, revolvers, shotguns, and semi-automatic assault style guns. “PGK can also store ammunition”– Wilkins further said.

The facility is open 7 days a week by appointment. You can reach PGK at 570-424-4827. To leave a voicemail – “All calls are promptly returned by text or phone. PGK is a customer based business model” – Wilkins assured. Or you can email PGK at

Pocono GunKeepers has a federal firearms license (FFL). The FFL allows PGK to operate as a certified armory and provide firearm storage for a variety of PA Law Enforcement Agencies, including the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department when the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas processes protection from abuse orders (PFA). Said Wilkins – “We appreciate working for PA Law Enforcement. While the gun owner in the case of a PFA does not have access to the firearms, until such time as a Court Order releases the firearms. It is very exciting work with PA Law Enforcement (who have visited the facility) and determined that we were secure and have an FFL license. I have to state that our retail customers DO have access to their firearms 7 days a week and they do take advantage of our local ranges, hunt shooting clubs, and using the guns. Then they bring them back, all at no charge.” Wilkins explained. In 2019 the law changed requiring a Defendants firearm(s) to be relinquished to either the Sheriff, and FFL, or a certified armory. PGK is both an FFL and certified.

Most recently, PGK marketed to all of the hunting and gun clubs in the surrounding area. For hunting club members, PGK will deliver the firearm to the club (Monroe and Pike only) which is an added customer service. The firearm will then be returned to PGK when the club member has enjoyed their time at the club. Delivery drop-off and pick-up is complimentary.

“Our two biggest referral sources are gun stores and shooting ranges. Because we do not buy or sell firearms, nor do we offer range services, PGK is not competing with those businesses and therefore, we work in providing firearm storage because neither gun ranges and more gun stores hold or store firearms. PGK uses the gun shops for buying and selling firearms if a customer doesn’t pay rent.” – Said Wilkins.

Pocono GunKeepers, while not expanding tomorrow, is also looking into the Milford area. Historic Milford is right on the New York / New Jersey market place, plus it is a county seat therefore, the same business model could be used for the second location.

“We’re not quite at the occupancy we need to be at yet to expand to a second facility, but, I can say that business is very good. We expect to be at a 50% (fifty percent) occupancy or close to a 50% (fifty percent) occupancy by Summer 2020.” – Wilkins confidently said.

You can visit Pocono GunKeepers on Goggle at or Facebook by searching Pocono GunKeepers. Price lists are available on both sites for long guns and hand guns. For larger collections or ammo, please call for special pricing.