Stroudsburg – Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates and NEPA Management Associates hosted the 30th Annual Awards Brunch held at Lawnhaven at Stroudsmoore Inn on January 19th, 2020. The brunch was attended by Managers, Realtors, Employees, Staff, and Members of the BHG Independent Family of Home Buying Services.


Said Christine A. Wilkins President – “All of our staff and agents look forward to the Annual Awards Brunch. It’s our 30th Awards Brunch. All the staff at Stroudsmoore know us, they know our people, and the food is fantastic”.


Award winners include:


Certificates of Achievement: Cynthia Lynch Realtor, Deborah Matthews Realtor, Yelena Smashnov Realtor; Warren “WK” Watson Realtor, and Kathy Louis Assoc. Broker.


Rookie of the Year: Kacey Conaty Realtor and Kurt Homza Realtor.


Said Thomas R Wilkins CEO – “Rookie of the Year is probably the most exciting award to present. It’s a Realtor who has just got their Real Estate License and is making an impact into the Pocono Real Estate Industry. These ‘rookies’ are going to be our next top producers just give them a little bit of time.”


Outstanding Salespersons: Grace Moro Realtor, Carol Demarest Realtor, Stephanie Troiani Realtor, and Thomas Waslowski Realtor.


Top 10 Salespersons of the Year: Kimberly Gay Realtor, Dennis Farrelly Realtor, James Martin Realtor, Thomas Waslowski Realtor, Stephanie Troiani Realtor, Carol Demarest Realtor, Annette “Dot” Ifill Realtor, Beth Schutte Realtor, Katherine Skillman Assoc. Broker, and Kathy Louis Assoc. Broker.

Christine A. Wilkins President, further said – “Our Top 10 Salespersons are those that are committed to the Real Estate business, some have been in the business just a short time, and others have been in it for longer. They are all the Realtors that put service first and the commission dollars second. As owners we are proud of our Top 10 at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.”


“James Martin Realtor was also awarded in the Top 10 of Better Homes and Gardens Corporate based on the number of units that Martin sold. This is a nationwide award” Wilkins further stated.

Top Sales Team of the Year: The Dennis Farrelly Team.


“The Dennis Farrelly Team was also honored by Better Homes and Gardens Corporate whose sales are in the top percentile of the Real Estate Teams nationwide.” Wilkins CEO added.

Top Salesperson by Volume: Kimberly Gay Realtor.


Top Salesperson by Units: James Martin Realtor.

Certificate of Excellence: Mary Muschock Accounting Department


Said Thomas R. Wilkins CEO – “Mary has demonstrated her commitment to not only doing her job but, doing her job well. She has been promoted from a bookkeeper to the position of depositing money for not only Better Homes and Gardens but for NEPA Management, long-term rentals, and other corporate money received. We are very proud of Mary and her job performance.”

Employee of the Year: Christina Serpico Senior Vice President and Senior Property Manager


“Christina Serpico has been with the company close to 18 years. In that time period she has advanced herself from Administrative Assistant to an Officer of the Corporation as well as the Senior Manager for NEPA Management with the association business that we do. This Employee of the Year award could not have gone to a better person.” Said Wilkins CEO.


“Best Customer Service Award – Above and Beyond”: Betsy Lloyd Property Manager, Warren “WK” Watson Realtor, Carol Demarest Realtor, Ingrid Eagon Realtor, and Stephanie Troiani Realtor.


“Excellence in Organization”: Marilyn Lesoine Senior Property Manager and HR Director, Donna DiBernard Realtor, Grace Moro Realtor, and Ann-Marie Kelly Realtor.


“Marilyn knows where everything is, keeps it where you can find it and if you do need it between Marilyn and Betsy they’ll make sure you get it.” Chuckled Christine A. Wilkins President.

Best Corporate Branding: William “Bill” Schutte Executive Vice President and Assoc. Broker and James Martin Realtor.


“The Encouraging Word Award”: William “Bill” Schutte Executive Vice President and Assoc. Broker, Kathy Louis Assoc. Broker, Kimberly Gay Realtor, and Carol Demarest Realtor.


Helping Hands Award: Toni Jones Central Processing, Anna Snook Manager Long-Term in Corporate Rentals, Marilyn Lesoine Senior Property Manager and HR Director, Donna DiBernard Realtor, Carol Demarest Realtor, Kimberly Gay Realtor, and Beth Schutte Realtor.


“We had to laugh this year; all of our helping hands awards were done by our children who have now outgrown the plaque. Their hands are too big, so Christine A. Wilkins using her artistic talents came up with new Helping Hands Awards which everyone received tremendously.” Proudly said Thomas R. Wilkins CEO.