BUSHKILL: James Martin has received the Realtor of the Month award from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins and Associates for the month of January, 2011. In addition to Martins responsibilitys at Better Homes and Gardens, Martin also handles all of the rentals for NEPA Management.



Martin primarily works out of the firms’ Bushkill location and has worked with the company since July of 2006. Due to his production in 2010, James will not only finish in the “Presidents Top Ten” of the organization, but will also be acknowledged with a franchise award from the corporate office in Parsippany, NJ. The firms’ President, Dominick J. Sacci says, “Jimmy truly sets the bar for unit production and how to use time efficiently. Last year, he closed the most rental units in our firm, and now that he has joined the Carl Maurer Team, he will realize an increase in production via our bank foreclosure account(s). I don’t know if Jimmy even has any idea what his sales production will be like when all of the tenants that he is providing services to, purchase homes in the coming years. He is setting himself up for some very rewarding years in our industry”. Patricia Blank Toombs, manager of the long term rentals at NEPA echos Sacci’s opinion,” Jimmy handles all my rentals. Without him there would be a lot of vacancies….luckily for me, there are not. James does a great job for NEPA

The Realtor of the Month acknowledgment is awarded to Realtors® based on their commitment to the Real Estate Industry as a career and the firm as a whole. Along with sales production, the Realtor® of the Month is primarily measured by their approach and mind set of on the industry, their attitude and dealings with clients/customers, and their TEAMWORK ethic.

They are also considered based on opportunity time, sales meeting attendance, onsite and on-line training participation, lead generation involvement, overall adherence to the policy and guidelines of the firm, and usage of the tools supplied by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Corporate.

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NEPA MAnagement can be viewed at http://www.nepamgmt.com.