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Stroudsburg – Thomas R. Wilkins, Broker/CEO, announced the launching of The Trinity Group, a real estate team founded and created to provide excellent customer service when you list, sell or rent your home through Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates and The Trinity Group

The Trinity Group is comprised of Alex Camaerei, Realtor; Thomas Waslowski, Realtor and Erika Huber, Realtor.  Said Thomas R. Wilkins, “While I certainly don’t take credit for creating the team, I will attest to the fact that the three members of the group came to me about wanting to establish a team, I sat with them and discussed their goals and aspirations; the direction they wanted to go was one that we, as company owners, definitely support.”

It’s not uncommon for real estate teams to develop and grow under a brokerage company such as Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates.  Other teams that are a part of the Wilkins organization include The Carl Maurer Team which handle foreclosures and The Pocono Latino Real Estate Team which provides buyer and seller services to the Hispanic community.  Each of the teams has their specific purpose.

The Trinity Group was developed because each member had expertise in Buyer Broker Services, online marketing, short-sales, distinctive homes—both listing and selling –and were willing to share the responsibility as well as share in the dollar volume that they produce by acting as partners.

Said Waslowski, Realtor, “This was the perfect way for me to build my business.  Alex, Erika and I share the responsibilities when we have a buyer or seller.  While all three of us are familiar with the home, acting “as one” gives us the ability to brainstorm about how to market the home, what buyer’s we may have, who sent show slips, what viewings do we have and other tasks that a single person may not be able to handle effectively.”

Said Huber, Realtor, “I love to do social marketing, it’s one of my outstanding contributions to the team.  Then, when you add Alex’s marketing skills, it’s our opinion we can market a home using the BHG tools more in depth to a wider array of buyers or other sellers.”

Christine Wilkins, Exec V.P./General Manager and Dennis Mooney Sr. Vice Pres. also backed The Trinity Group one-hundred percent.

Said Mooney, “The Team concept is one where everyone shares in the commission by the percentage of the transaction that they handled.  When we pay Agents’ commission (which is both Wednesday and Friday) there is no interruption in paying the team the money for the transactions that they’ve closed the previous week.”  Mooney further stated, “I also agree that when you share the responsibility of a listing or sale between three people, the dollar volume, when handled correctly, goes through the roof.”

Said Camaerei, Realtor, “Even though I am the last to speak, hopefully I hit on the important parts of why we became a team; it’s all got to do with customer service and marketing.  I believe collectively we simply we will not miss an opportunity to list or sell a home or handle a rental.  All our partnership papers have been prepared; we’ve registered our name– The Trinity Group—had our corporate photo taken and are ready to rock ‘n roll.”

The Trinity Group is also targeting larger groups or fraternal organizations and professionals.  They held a seminar for U.S. Postal Workers, are giving market updates to various Community Associations in the Poconos and going after professional and fraternal organizations to which they can offer discounts in their fee, courtesies extended by our title company, Pennsylvania First and financing through one of our preferred lenders.  “What we offer to the fraternal or professional organization such as school teachers, law enforcement and certain relocation companies is one-stop shopping through the Wilkins Independent Family of Home Buying Services, and other benefits and courtesies added to the list of services we already provide.” said Camaerei.

Also, The Trinity Group gives back to the community by providing internship opportunities through Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates to students at East Stroudsburg University who demonstrate a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed.

The Trinity Group can be reached by contacting Alex Camaerei, Realtor at; Erika Huber, Realtor at; and Thomas Waslowski, Realtor at

The Trinity Group is located at the BHG Business Campus, Stroudsburg office.  They are available 7 days a week, weekend and evening appointments are always welcome.