Skytop – Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates, NEPA Management Associates and Pennsylvania First Settlement Services II hosted their 2016 Awards and Appreciation Brunch at Skytop Lodge on January 15th.  Over 70 valued agents and employees attended the event.

Said Christine A. Wilkins, Exec V.P./General Manager, “This is always an event that I look forward to the most.  Our annual brunch is when we announce all the award winners for the previous year, as well as get together all of our companies, employees and Realtors and celebrate the comradery of all those who work for us—and where better than Skytop Lodge.” “We are very thankful to our many agents and employees that we work with everyday…from those who just began to many being with us for 10+ years!”

L to R – Dennis Mooney, Sr. VP; Thomas R Wilkins, CEO; Christine A Wilkins, Exec VP Gen Mgr; William Schutte Jr., VP Sales Mgr.


Those 2016 award winners included:

Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement is given to those Agents that have completed one year of service and have shown their dedication to the Real Estate profession and their commitment to the Wilkins organization based on the company’s purpose, principles and goals.

Debbie Matthews, Realtor – Bushkill; Julio Bautista, Realtor – Milford;        Jeannette Mendoza, Realtor – Stroudsburg; Kimberly Gay, Realtor – Stroudsburg

Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year is given to those “new licensees” (16 months or less) who have given their all to learn the Real Estate profession based on our company’s purpose, principles and goals.

Brian Colandino, Realtor – Stroudsburg; Ingrid Egan, Realtor – Stroudsburg; Connie Davis, Realtor – Stroudsburg; Leandra Coe, Realtor – Milford

Outstanding Salesperson

Outstanding Salesperson is that fulltime Agent who has demonstrated their dedication to the Real Estate profession based on the purpose, principles and goals of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.  This Agent is helpful to others, easily approachable and respected for their hard work and dedication.

Carol Demarest, Realtor – Bushkill; Donna DiBernard, Realtor – Bushkill; James Martin, Realtor – Stroudsburg; Alex Camaerei, Realtor – Stroudsburg; Lisa Heaney, Realtor – Milford; Jennifer Lynn Amantea, Assoc Broker – Mt Pocono

L to R – Benjamin C. Wilkins, Poc FBI; Thomas R Wilkins, CEO; Lisa Heaney, Realtor; Beth Schutte, Realtor; Christine A Wilkins, Exec VP/Gen Mgr


Top 10 Salespersons of the Year

Known as “The Top 10” these are the top 10 salespersons who have closed the most, based on dollar volume the previous year.

Dennis Farrelly, Realtor – Bushkill;    Jennifer Lynn Amantea, Assoc Broker – Mt Pocono; Thomas Farrelly, Realtor – Bushkill; Sonia Kern, Realtor – Stroudsburg; James Martin, Realtor – Stroudsburg; Alex Camaerei, Realtor – Stroudsburg; Thomas Waslowski, Realtor – Stroudsburg; Carol Demarest, Realtor – Bushkill; Beth Schutte, Realtor – Milford; Lisa Heaney, Realtor – Milford

Top Sales Team of the Year

The “team” that closed the most based on dollar volume the previous year.

The Dennis Farrelly Team – 198 transactions – Bushkill office

Dennis Farelly, Realtor; Tommy Farrelly, Realtor; Kathy Farrelly & Donna Sorrentino, Admin Asst

Top Salesperson

The Realtor or Associate Broker who closed the most sales based on dollar volume the previous year.

Jennifer Lynn Amantea, Associate Broker – 51 transactions – Mt. Pocono

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation is presented to those Employees who excel in their position at the Wilkins organization and could not go unnoticed for the day to day qualities they possess and enhance the presentation of our firm.

Kathy Miller, Payroll Coordinator/Bookkeeper – Accounting; Marilyn Lesoine, Property Mgr – NEPA Management; Donna Sorrentino, Admin Asst. – The Dennis Farrelly Team; Betsy Lloyd, Sen. Admin Asst., Property Mgmt – NEPA Management

Excellence in Service

The Excellence in Service award is not an annual award, but is presented to those persons who deserve merit and recognition of an outstanding job done for the company.

Judith Timg – Virtual Assistant

Employee of the Year

Toni Jones – Central Processing

Toni Jones has been with the company for over 14 years and in her position she is instrumental in the processing of listings, rentals, under contracts and the marketing to the owners and buyers of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates.

L to R: Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, Benjamin C. Wilkins, Toni Jones, Employee of the Year 2016, Christine A. Wilkins, Exec VP/Gen Mgr.



Helping Hands Awards

The Helping Hands Award is one of the most difficult awards to receive.  It recognizes the successes of others that benefited through the recipients unselfishness, concern for others and genuine assistance to co-workers.  The recipient of the Helping Hands award doesn’t ask to be mentioned or acknowledged.  Everybody knows who a Helping Hands recipient is.

Donna DiBernard, Realtor– Bushkill; Tommy Farrelly, Realtor – Bushkill; Toni Jones, Central Processing – Stroudsburg; Rossana Spina, Exec. Secretary – Stroudsburg; Rick Feliccia, Realtor – Mount Pocono; Beth Schutte, Realtor – Milford

Other awards included the Above and Beyond Award presented to Rossana Spina, Donna DiBernard and Marilyn Lesoine; Trouble-Shooter Award presented to Toni Jones and Tommy Wilkins; Most Flexible presented to Rossana Spina, Donna DiBernard, and James Martin; Best Dressed  Award presented to Toni Jones and Debbie Matthews; Most Likely to Succeed  Award presented to Alex Camaerei and Heather Kehler; Most Likely to Get the Job Done Award presented to Mark Kelley, Kathy Miller and James Martin; Best Customer Service Award presented to Amy Evans, Dawn Libecap and Cynthia Lynch.

Annette “Dot” Ifill, Realtor – Bushkill




All told, BHG Wilkins and NEPA Management had a record year when compared year over year.  Better Homes and Gardens sold 655 homes totaling $80.6 million in sales.  NEPA also had a record year and in 2017 is expected to gross over $1 million in management fees.  NEPA Management Associates handles over 40 associations, and maintains 160+ rental units, not including Corporate Rentals.

Said Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, “I see 2017 as being even better than 2016 in volume, as well as bottom line profit for our companies.  While the past 7 years have been extremely very difficult, it is obvious that the Northeast marketplace has positively changed for our companies, all of which are involved in some facet of the Real Estate industry.”   “Our goals for 2017 include expanding presence and our listings/sales to the Lehigh Valley and Slate Belt areas, as well as growth in Pike County.  We also have other niches we are marketing, including Scranton, Lehighton, Jim Thorpe and the Lake Harmony areas.” Wilkins also stated.

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