Stroudsburg – Dawn Libecap, Administrator of the Corporate Rental Department at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates was honored by AWSOM at their annual Fur Ball, Friday, November 13th held at Stroudsmoor Country Inn.

Said, Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, “I had the pleasure of sitting at Dawn’s table and I’ve got to tell you she has just the right determination, personality and wit to be chosen for the Paw-sitive Person Award.  Everyone had a fantastic time at the Fur Ball.”

AWSOM is an acronym for Animal Welfare Society of Monroe and is Monroe County’s only “no-kill” animal shelter.  For everyone in our area, their location has been an SPCA and animal shelter for a number of years.  AWSOM is located on Godfrey Ridge Drive in Stroudsburg.

AWSOM’s Mission Statement states that the Organization seeks to accommodate Monroe County’s stray, homeless, neglected or abused animals.  The shelter takes in all companion animals and with assistance of rescue and foster organizations, veterinary services and pet behaviorists, evaluates and cares for each on a case by case basis.

The highpoint of the evening was auctioning off artwork by local artists which was done by Richard Coccodrilli, Jr. owner of United Country Legacy Auction and Realty.  There were close to 20 pieces of artwork available to purchase by auction and a host of Silent Auction baskets also sold as donations.  Said, Coccodrilli, “We were so pleased and honored to be asked to auction artwork for the AWSOM event, and we know they were pleased with the results of the sale; we’re looking forward to doing this again at future events.  They are fantastic people to work for and perform such a great service in Monroe County.”

To do and carry out these type goals, it is imperative that AWSOM must raise money.  Dawn Libecap, four years ago, asked AWSOM if they would object to her running a tricky-tray and since no one ever wants to say to NO to someone that wants to raise money, she was given the go-ahead.  Libecap, in her “off-beat fashion” held the largest event three years in a row with the last one in 2015 being the biggest one ever.  Being off-beat is what really gives Libecap the ability to think out of the box and come up with great ideas which is what makes events successful.

Said Libecap, “I’ve been hosting events for a number of years and the truth of the matter is I simply love doing them.  I like the excitement, the preparation and the thrill on everyone’s face when they do come and have a great time.  That’s what it’s all about to me, and if I am successful in raising money at the same, time, it’s simply a win-win for everyone.”

Said Wilkins, “We encourage all of our employees and Managers to become involved in the community.   We’re so successful that our staff, managers and employees do just that, I simply don’t have enough paper to write down all the great organizations that employees of our companies are a part of.  Our business is local, our Realtors are local, our houses are local and the money that we make, pay-out and employ through third party vendors is local money as well.”

If you want to help AWSOM and become a volunteer, you can reach AWSOM at Animal Welfare Society of Monroe, P.O. Box 13, Stroudsburg, PA 18360, at (570) 421-3647 or by email at or visit them on the web at