Stroudsburg – Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO of NEPA Management Associates, Inc. announced the creation of a new division designed to handle Bookkeeping and Fiscal Management services for non-profit organizations.  NEPA Management Associates is located in the BHG Business Campus in Stroudsburg.

Said Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, “A number of years ago, we worked with a variety of non-profit organizations by assisting them with their financial record keeping.  It started when I accepted the position of Treasurer on a board of directors because no one wanted to take care of the books or knew how.  It took off from there and before we knew it, we were handling a number of non-profits—big and small—and found that it was really no different than the bookkeeping services that we offer to our property owner associations, townhome communities and condo complexes.”

NEPA currently handles close to 40 accounts, some of which do not require full property management and only require bookkeeping and fiscal management.  In essence, in Association work, NEPA bills the owners their dues, whether it be annual or monthly and promptly deposits those monies into the Associations’ account.  On a weekly basis, through the means of a pre-check register, NEPA confirms what bills are to be paid, the amount to pay and that the general ledger shows the expense.  Then, on a monthly basis, the Board of Directors, through their Treasurer, receives a balance sheet, trial balance, Income & Expense statement and reports to the organization their financial state of affairs.

Wilkins further stated “In today’s world we simply determined that acting as treasurer is actually one of the hardest positions on a Board of Directors and because we have a complete and working accounting department, we can provide Bookkeeping and Fiscal services to the non-profit at a very affordable rate.  All of the services provided by NEPA Management are insured for Errors and Omissions, Employee Dishonesty and Liability which if the non-profit is paying for it themselves; a terrific savings right off the bat.”

If your organization is interested in learning more about out-sourcing your finances, NEPA Management Associates through either Thomas R Wilkins, CEO, Rosemarie Lobe-Waller, CFO or Linda Beam, Accounting Manager would be pleased to give your organization a free, no obligation presentation and proposal.  Weekends and evenings meetings are available.

If required, the BHG Business Campus can also offer meeting space at a reduced rate when your organization is a part of NEPA’s Bookkeeping and Fiscal Management program.

Offices are open 5 days a week; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (570) 421-5409.  References are available upon request.