– Ron Parasole has joined the Wilkins organization as a Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates.  Within a set period of time, Parasole will open his own business under the name Parasole Property Management & Assoc.’s (PPMA) of which Thomas R. Wilkins will serve as Broker of Record for the newly formed property management group.

Parasole, who has worked with Wilkins prior, has been a licensed Realtor since 2002.  Earlier this year, Parasole, with the assistance of Wilkins began managing income producing properties in and around the Scranton-Wilkes Barre area.  It was then that they decided Parasole would open his own management company under the direction and licensing of Wilkins.

Said Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, “Ron simply loves property management.  We have been in the Scranton area before with property management, and to have Ron handle the valley for us is really a slam dunk.”  In addition to that, by being licensed, he is able to buy and sell for our investors’ portfolios which simply brings an added benefit to the management company.”

In addition to becoming a member of the Pocono Mountains Association of REALTORS®, Parasole will also become a member of the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre MLS systems.

Parasole, who learned maintenance as well as master carpentry from his father, is also an accomplished custom glass and mirror contractor and is responsible for the designer glass in a number of commercial buildings in and around the New York City area.  Always wanting to own his own business, and with his expertise in the maintenance area and his leadership type personality, becoming General Partner of the proposed management company was a natural.

Said Parasole, “I love what I do and now I’m doing what I love.  With the assistance of Wilkins who’s been in the business for over 25 years, and with today’s software, it makes it a great partnership to get the business off the ground.  I tell everyone that customer services is something I am very used to and will certainly set the bar higher than anyone would expect–that’s just something my family has always been proud of.”

The new company is scheduled to open within the next several months.  In the interim time,  Management accounts are being taken by calling the Pocono branch at (570) 421-5409 or Parasole direct at (570) 903-8969.