Stroudsburg – Wilkins & Associates PROPERTY MANAGEMENT announced that effective June 1, 2012, they are offering direct deposit for their Management accounts.  The service is called Money Manager GPS by Citizens Bank and they have been working with the Wilkins organization to bring this service to their clients.

What this means is rather than sending the monthly rent check to owners via the mail, or having staff manually fill out deposit slips, this new source of banking will actually deposit the rent money received into an owner’s account and that money is available immediately.

Said Rosemarie Lobe-Waller, CFO, “Over the years Wilkins & Associates has always been a leader in the Property Management business, and this type of direct banking is no exception to our rule.  While we’re starting only with our landlords, this service will be expanded to our association business whereby an owner will be able to pay their Association dues and automatically have it credited to their account.”

Wilkins & Associates PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, formerly NEPA Management Associates, handles 21+ property owner associations, condo complexes and town-home communities throughout the Poconos.  Within the next two months, all Management accounts will be transferred to their new and updated software system purchased by WA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.  With the new expanded software, owners will be able to view their accounts; pay online and Wilkins receive payment online and credit the money to their account.

Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO said, “We are advancing our services to meet the demands of our customers and clients.  A simple advancement like Money Manager GPS not only raises the bar of expectation for our customers and clients, it forces our competition to try and equal what our customers and clients now already have.  Secondly, it’s a huge savings in labor when you compare online to hundreds of deposits we make on behalf of landlords and such on a monthly basis.”  Wilkins further stated, “We have been moving towards more a la carte bookkeeping and fiscal management as opposed to property owner services because it’s cost effective for Association members.  We have a full charged accounting department that is ready for the growth I expect in the near future.  We are expecting our Management business to increase over 24% to 35% in the next few years.”

Wilkins & Associates PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is located at 304 Park Avenue in Stroudsburg.  They handle Management accounts throughout Northeast Pennsylvania and are in the process of participating in a joint venture with Parasole Properties located in the Scranton area.  Future plans also include expanding into the Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton market.

Accounting offices are open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.